Our goal is to build positive and lasting relationships. We pride ourselves in our team’s proven abilities to manage on-the-job challenges with innovative solutions, skill, and responsibility. Your project is a connection to your future; we construct places people want to be.

Leasing + Development Coordination Phase

Client Mission

  • Specify necessities and culture of future work environment

  • Engage designer for space planning based on culture and necessities

  • Tour and identify potential sites that will accommodate necessities

  • Confirm site location and design strategy

  • Work with landlords and brokers in lease negotiations and contracting

Burger Mission

  • Provide references and marketing material based on similar scopes of work

  • Identify critical paths, generate timelines

  • Develop a strategic plan of construction based on client's necessities

  • Attend site surveys to ensure location has existing infrastructure to be constructed to tenant’s needs (mechanical, ADA, etc)

  • Provide insight to potential cost savings based on site selection


Design Development + Preconstruction Phase

Client Mission

  • Finalize and approve design concept with architect

  • Architect/designer to provide design development set of drawings

  • Review construction budget and schedule to ensure expectations are met

  • Provide potential issues and/or modifications to budget and schedule

  • Approve budget and schedule of construction, submit drawings to city for permit

Burger Mission

  • Perform risk analysis and develop preliminary budgets

  • Conduct value engineering and savings analysis

  • Develop firm budget and schedule of construction

  • Manage procurement and lead times


Construction Phase

Client Mission

  • Work with designer and furniture vendor to identify FF&E that will mesh with built environment

  • Attend weekly meetings to understand status of project

  • Outline move-in procedures to ensure prompt occupation of the space

  • Walk site to identify needed design and/or scope changes to ensure successful occupation of the space

  • Approve design and/or scope changes (if needed)

Burger Mission

  • Implement a safety plan and measures to minimize risk

  • Manage schedules and costs

  • Coordinate and manage all subcontractors

  • Conduct weekly site meetings and documentation

  • Perform quality control checks to ensure design aesthetics are met

  • Coordinate, document, and determine scope changes with timely pricing updates

  • Organize punch walk with architect and client rep to ensure design aesthetics are met

  • Finalize punch list before turnover to tenant


Post-Construction Phase

Client Mission

  • Ensure the space meets the needs of the organization

  • Move in

  • Start conducting business in new space

Burger Mission

  • Act as a liaison for issues and support after turnover

  • Evaluate and deliver final costs

  • Provide reliable warranty and ensure tenant space operates as designed

  • Provide accurate as-built and project close-out documentation